Beer List

The following beers are currently available at The Green Goat’s bar.  We will be rotating the beers regularly, so please feel free to make suggestions!


Holy City Pluff Mud Porter – subtle chocolate notes with a silky finish 5.5%

Sam Adams Oktoberfest – deep smooth flavor with notes of caramel 5.3%

Blue Moon – Valencia orange peel, oats and wheat combine to create a smooth creamy Belgian white 5.4%

Fat Tire – toasty, biscuit-like malt combines with a hoppy freshness 5.2%

UFO Hefeweizen – American wheat with a clean citrus flavor. Very refreshing! Best served with a lemon 4.8%

Dos Equis – light bodied, malt flavored. Lager that drinks like a Pilsner 4.3%

Curious Traveler – crisp light body with fresh lemon and a touch of lime. Juicy citrus aroma and flavor 4.4%

Stone IPA – citrusy flavor with a subtle malt character 6.9%

Frothy Beard Andale Pale Ale – dry hopped photuris pale ale with an abundant amount of jalapeños and cilantro. Smooth and spicy! Get it while you can 5.3%

We always have Bud Light, Newcastle and Yuengling on tap

On Deck

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest – deep gold with a rib complex malt flavor 6%


PBR Tall Boy
Miller Lite
Mama’s Little Yella Pills
Nooner Pilser – Sierra Nevada
Schillings Ginger Cider
Magic Hat #9 – not quite pale ale
Westbrook IPA
Westbrook One Claw – Rye Pale
Westbrook White Thai
Guinness Irish Stout


Bud, Bud Light, Select 55
Miller Light, High Life
Michelob Light, Ultra
Coors Light, Coors original
Corona, Corona Light
Amstel Light
Stella Artois
Allagash White
Almaza–Lebanese Pilsner
Labatt Blue
Mad River Steelhead Double IPA 8.5%
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale 7.0%
Left Coast Hop Juice 9.7%
Abita Amber
Abita Purple Haze
Southern Pecan Nut Brown
Hebrew Messiah–Nut Brown
Left Handed Milk Stout
Mad River Steelhead Porter
Thirsty Dog, Old Leghumper, Robust Porter
Shiner Bock
Shiner Bock Ruby Red
Crabbies-Alcoholic Ginger Beer 4.8%
Redds Apple Ale


Pacific Coast Hard Apple Cider 6%
New Planet-Raspberry Ale
New Planet-Brown Ale